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Improper Lane Change Accident

Bergen County Lawyer Representing Injured Parties in Car Accident Cases

It is not uncommon for drivers to make quick lane changes without checking their blind spots or using their turn signals. Improper lane changes pose a risk to all travelers, and they cause a significant number of collisions, many of which result in serious injuries. Improper lane change accidents are usually caused by negligence, and people who suffer harm in such collisions should speak to an attorney about their right to recover compensation. Howard Leopold of Leopold Law, L.L.C. is an assertive Bergen County car accident attorney, and if you sustained damages due to a car crash caused by another person’s negligence, he can help you seek justice for your losses. Mr. Leopold’s offices are located in Hackensack and New York City, and he regularly represents people injured in car crashes in lawsuits throughout Bergen County.

Duties Imposed on New Jersey Drivers Changing Lanes

New Jersey law dictates that drivers operating their vehicles in marked lanes must keep their cars within their lane of travel. Further, the law states that a driver should not move their car from its lane of travel until the driver has determined that it can do so safely. In other words, a driver who wishes to change lanes should check to ensure that the lane they want to enter is clearly visible and free of oncoming traffic. New Jersey law also requires motorists to use their turn signals for a minimum of 100 feet before changing lanes. Drivers who fail to abide by these laws often cause harmful collisions.

Recovering Compensation for Harm Caused by an Improper Lane Change Accident

To recover compensation for harm sustained in a crash caused by an improper lane change, the plaintiff typically must establish the defendant’s negligence. In New Jersey, to prove negligence, the plaintiff must prove the existence of a duty recognized by law, a breach of the duty by the defendant, and quantifiable damages directly caused by the breach. The duty owed may be to act as a reasonable person would under the circumstances or may be a duty imposed by law, such as a motor vehicle statute.

A plaintiff who successfully proves the defendant was negligent may be awarded economic and noneconomic damages. Economic damages include medical expenses, out-of-pocket costs, and any lost earnings caused by the accident, while noneconomic damages represent compensation for the pain and suffering caused by the accident.

In many cases arising out of improper lane change accidents, the defendant will argue that the plaintiff caused the accident and that, therefore, the plaintiff should not be awarded damages. As such, whether the judge or jury finds the defendant liable depends, in part, on which party presents more compelling evidence. In most car accident cases, the parties will not have direct evidence of how the accident occurred and will have to rely on circumstantial evidence, which can include eyewitness accounts, police reports, and photographs of the accident scene.

Further, in New Jersey, even if a plaintiff is found to bear some responsibility for a collision, they will not be barred from recovering compensation unless their negligence exceeds that of the defendant. Any damages awarded to a plaintiff deemed partially at fault for the accident that caused their harm will be reduced in proportion to the plaintiff's fault.

Speak With an Experienced Bergen County Improper Lane Change Accident Attorney

Careless drivers who fail to abide by the laws of the road present a significant danger to other motorists. If you suffered injuries due to a collision caused by an improper lane change, you should speak with an attorney about what damages you may be able to recover. Howard Leopold of Leopold Law, L.L.C. is an experienced Bergen County with the resources and skills needed to obtain favorable results, and if you hire him, he will work tirelessly on your behalf. Mr. Leopold has offices in Hackensack and New York City, and he routinely represents people in car accident lawsuits in Bergen County and cities throughout Hudson, Passaic, and Essex Counties in New Jersey, and Bronx, Richmond, Kings, New York, Queens, and Rockland Counties in New York. You can reach him through the form online or at his New Jersey office at (201) 345-5907 or his New York office at (646) 650-2106 to arrange a free and confidential conference.

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