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Teen Driver Car Accidents

Bergen County Lawyer Helping People Hurt in Teen Driver Car Accidents Seek Justice

Teen Driver Car AccidentsObtaining a driver’s license is a momentous occasion in the lives of many teenagers, but teen drivers enjoying their newly acquired driving privileges are often distracted or nervous, which in many instances leads to an accident. All drivers, including teen drivers, have a duty to operate their vehicles responsibly, however, and teenagers that cause harm due to reckless driving can be held accountable under the law. If you were injured in an accident with a teen driver, it is in your best interest to consult a knowledgeable attorney to assess your harm and whether you may be able to pursue a claim for damages. Attorney Howard Leopold of Leopold Law, L.L.C. is a capable Bergen County car accident lawyer who is proficient at helping people hurt in teen driver car accidents seek damages. If you engage his services, he will craft compelling arguments on your behalf to provide you with a strong chance of a favorable verdict. Mr. Leopold represents people in car accident lawsuits in Bergen County and other cities throughout New Jersey and New York.

New Jersey Minimum Ages for Driver’s Licenses

In New Jersey, a person can obtain a learner’s permit at the age of sixteen if they have the consent of their parent or guardian, pass vision and knowledge tests, and take an approved behind-the-wheel driver training course. Teen drivers can obtain probationary licenses at seventeen if they pass the MVC road test. Lastly, when a driver turns eighteen, they will be eligible for a full license.

Dangers Presented by Teen Drivers

Generally, teenage drivers do not possess the experience of older seasoned motorists. They are more likely to become apprehensive when presented with certain driving conditions, such as inclement weather or busy or unfamiliar roads. Nervous drivers are more likely to make hasty decisions or exercise poor judgment, causing accidents. Moreover, teen drivers may be distracted by text messages or social media and may take their attention from the road, causing accidents.

Proving Liability Following Teen Driver Car Accidents

In most lawsuits arising out of teen driver car accidents, the injured party will allege that the negligence of the teen driver caused the accident. Under New Jersey law, to establish liability based on a theory of negligence, the injured party must first show that the teen driver owed the injured party a duty to act with reasonable care. Generally, in car accident cases, this means that the teen driver had an obligation to drive safely and prudently under the circumstances present at the time of the accident. The injured party must then show that the teen driver acted in a manner that constitutes a breach of the duty and that the breach proximately caused the accident. In other words, the breach must have substantially contributed to bringing about the accident but does not need to be the sole cause of the accident. Finally, the injured party must show that they suffered compensable harm because of the accident.

Often, the teen driver will argue that the injured party caused the accident, and therefore, the injured party should be precluded from recovering damages. In New Jersey, though, even if an injured party is deemed partially at fault for causing an accident, they may still be awarded damages, as long as their negligence does not exceed that of the defendant. Any compensation awarded to an injured party that is partially at fault will be reduced in proportion to their liability, however.

Meet with a Trusted Bergen County Attorney

Teen drivers frequently cause accidents, many of which result in significant damages. If you were involved in teen driver car accident, it is prudent to meet with a trusted attorney to analyze what claims you may be able to pursue. Attorney Howard Leopold of Leopold Law, L.L.C. is a seasoned Bergen County car accident attorney with the knowledge and experience needed to help you seek a successful outcome. Mr. Leopold has offices in Hackensack and New York City, and he frequently represents injured parties in lawsuits arising out of car accidents in Bergen County and cities throughout Hudson, Passaic, and Essex Counties in New Jersey, and Bronx, Richmond, Kings, New York, Queens, and Rockland Counties in New York. You can reach him through the online form or at his New Jersey office at (201) 345-5907 or his New York office at (646) 650-2106 to set up a confidential and free consultation.

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